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At first, for correctness: 'About us" should be 'About me', but who knows what the future will bring? mcon solutions is 'my' brand; my name is Heiko Markwart, I am 65 years old, located in Germany, and I am Infor employee since 25 years. My contract with Infor ends in 2024, but this will not (!) mean that I finish my professional life. And this explains what I am doing here and why: It is a preparation for my second career:-)

I am a passionate software developer, and programming was always not only my profession, but also a passion. The adoption of new technologies is often time consuming, and I like to do this in my private time, as well as reading IT related literature. The bookshelf behind my desk contains more then 20 books about C#, WPF, JScript .Net, Java, Excel VBA, Javascript, HTML5, Angular, Design Patterns, coding best practices, MS Office AddIn development, XML, Talend Open Studio, Pentaho for data integration, and more...

When Infor introduced Smart Office, this caused a long period of continous learning, self studies and tests. At the end of this journey I was capable to put it all together: Hybrid applications with C#-Code attached to a Mashup, Smart Office Features, integrations with external service providers and even custom Mashup controls became ultimative solutions, which maximized the customer's benefit from using Smart Office.

H5 was the next challenge. I familiarized myself with HTML5, CSS-3, Javascript/Typescript, Bootstrap and Angular 8 and 11. It became obvious that these components would become essentials for the new M3 Multitenant Cloud ecosystem, so I started the learning journey a second time. In the meantime several of my solutions, both H5 Scripts as well as H5 SDK applications, developed with the ODIN framework, Angular and Typescript, are "life".

But there are other working areas: Since 1998, when I started my professional life at Intentia, the predecessor of Infor's predecessor Lawson, I executed most of the data migration projects in Germany (and some cross-border projects), where data had to be migrated from legacy systems - I developed my first toolbox based on Excel VBA and used it for 15 years, before the high data volume of new projects required a more powerful backbone; the first solution was based on Talend Open Studio with M3 13.x as target, and when the M3 MT Cloud projects started, I developed a new framework based on Kettle Pentaho, aka PDI. This includes a high performance REST interface, which can also be used standalone.

Another, important part of my task for Infor is the maintenance and development of the SmartData tool. When I started to maintain SmartData, it was a small VB6 application with very limited functionality and performance. It used the obsolete MS SOAP toolkit to communicate with Movex, the predecessor of M3. This interface died with Windows XP, and I had to develop a new solution. This was the time of my first C# project, the development of a new interface for SmartData, realized as C#-dll. Over time, this project has consumed more then 2500 working hours. The last version, which introduced ION API connectivity, is currently used by most of the MT Cloud customers and offers a sophisticated solution for the up- and download to and from M3, with a performance up to ~ 300 records/second for uploads! Rememember: This is HTTP-traffic over the WWW, but it is close to SQL perfomance!

The third standing development project for Infor is the tool, which creates data extracts due to the German legal requirements (GOBD / GDPdZ) in case of tax audits. This project started in 2003, and meanwhile I am expert for this topic. The data formats, which are not legally defined in Germany, have been aligned with the German tax board and fulfill their requirements as well as these of consulting companies, i.e. KPMG.